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Barry Martin barry3martin at gmail.com
Wed Feb 7 18:37:14 UTC 2024

Mike and Stephen:

May be a bit of confusion – mine and yours – so will retry to explain.

4.1 is Primary WHBF-DT Resolution = 1080i

26.4 is the duplicate CBS-SD Resolution = 480i (per Wikipedia page)

(26.1 = KGCW)

If I select a show for all-shows recording it will usually display 4.1 
is to be recorded and 26.4 not to be recorded because an earlier 
showing. (By 100^th of a second as the list is compiled?!) If duplicate 
options are turned off then would record both stations but also any 
repeats later in the week.


> MythTV does allow Barry to record the same programme from two
> different channels - but only by adding an override rule on both
> channels.  The problem is having to manually add those overrides. What
> is wanted is a way to get both copies of the same programme recorded
> by just setting a normal recording rule somehow and leaving
> mythbackend to do it automatically after that forever, rather than
> having to visit all the scheduled recordings on the channel and add
> overrides for each programme each day on both of the simulcast
> channels.
<end quote>

I think that is stated correctly: I can do automatic recordings on 4.1, 
it will not record repeats. I then use the Manual Record menu option to 
record the same show on 26.4. (I fairly certain it records repeat showings.)

Of course the problem is ‘prime time’ (U.S: shown in evening) the shows 
tend to get moved around, both day of week and time, this the resistance 
to a generalized Manual Recording rule for each show.


> But I accept that the recordedid would be different because the channels (callsigns?) were different, and if the channel ids were different there would be no collision in the file names.
<end quote>

Well that’s what I thought would happen: I’ve got “WHBF-DT” and “CBS-DT” 
(4.1 and 26.4, respectively): two different stations – or at least to us 

OK, did a test on non-simulcast stations:

4.4 Mystery

20.2 KWKB-TV (all 20.x are “KWKB-TV” – don’t receive so didn’t bother to 
fix at BE config.)

If I select a show to record on 20.2 (‘record all showings’ without 
anything modified) then the Programme Guide (the page coloured blocks 
shows listings) will indicate it is recording on 20.2 and 4.4. But when 
I go to Upcoming Recordings then only 20.2 is listed – 4.4 isn’t listed 
at all, not even as ‘Earlier Recording’.


> I suspect the only way to do what you want is to set up another, independant, back end. On that you'd have one source containing only the channels of interest. Don't forget to remove those channels from your other backend! Done that way you can turn off the duplicate tests and record whatever you want.
<end quote>

What about this option: set one of the tuners to record 4.1 only – allow 
multiplexing (right term?) so can record the following show separately 
(6:59-7:31 – Show A, then 7:29- 8:00 – Show B – need the early start 
time because the shows on that network are 20 seconds early). ...Hmm: 
says “prefer input <whichever>” rather than ‘only’.

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