[mythtv-users] How to order recordings in Leanfront?

faginbagin helen.buus at gmail.com
Fri Feb 2 22:37:45 UTC 2024

On 1/30/2024 11:16 PM, Phill Edwards wrote:
> I've asked this question before some time ago but I still don't 
> understand it. I've set the settings to show recordings by recorded 
> date. But when I see the recordings under Default they're shown in 
> alphabetical order which makes it very difficult to find the programs 
> I've recently recorded. Am I missing something, or doing 
> something wrong here? How do I get it to show the most recent 
> recordings first like in MythFrontend?
> Regards,
> Phill

Hi Phill,

One detail that hasn't been mentioned is that the sort setting only 
affects what you see when you "drill down" into the default group. If 
you stay at the top level that includes all groups, video, live tv, 
etc., what you will for the default group count on the left are the 
number of titles you have recorded, not the number of recordings in the 
default group. And on the right you will see the "first" recording for 
each title sorted by title. If you drill down by clicking on the left 
hand Default/count box at the top level, the top left hand box will say 
Default and the number will be the number of recordings, not titles. On 
the right, you should see your recordings in the order you want. The 
following rows are sorted by title and the right hand contents of those 
rows should be the recordings for each title sorted in your preferred 
sort order.

One caveat, that's the way it works with the version I'm running, which 
is rather old, 20220802-leanfront-release-v0-365-ge5295c8.apk. So it's 
possible Peter could have changed the behavior in the past one & a half 
years. It ain't broke so I haven't seen the need to "fix" it.

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