[mythtv-users] Raspberry 5 - another success

Curtis Gedak gedakc at gmail.com
Fri Feb 2 16:58:42 UTC 2024

On 2024-02-01 13:56, Martin Bene wrote:
> So, if anyone has any version of mythtv > 30 running on a pi frontend without tearing and without banding I’d really like to know what your configuration is.

I have tested MythTV 31 on a Raspberry Pi 4 with mythfrontend and did 
not experience the above issues.  However I did experience some judder 
when playing back 1080i OTA content.  Hence I use options other than the 
RPi4 Mythfrontend for viewing recordings.

I wrote a tutorial about it if it is of any help to you.

Build a PVR using Raspberry Pi 4, MythTV, & HDHomeRun

The references section contains links to relevant MythTV Forum and Wiki 


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