[mythtv-users] Raspberry 5 - another success

Martin Bene Martin.Bene at icomedias.com
Thu Feb 1 20:56:07 UTC 2024


I’m trying to get an acceptable configuration using a pi5 – so far without success.

I’m currently stuck at mythtv 30 with raspi 3b frontends using openmax output; that has perfect playback for mpeg2 and h.264 up to and including 1920x1080p for recordings from DVB and DVB-S2

The reason I’m stuck at v30 is that openmax output was removed with 31, and I couldn’t get acceptable playback with pi3 or pi4 – decoding and menu speed was ok, but I’d always get tearing, particularly noticeable on horizontal pans.

Now I tried to see what things were like with pi5, tried to get a setup working with raspi os bookworm and the precompiled binaries for MythTV_Light  v33 for pi bookworm.

The good news: mostly worked out-of-the box.

The bad news: output quality issues. Output is to a 4k capable display, but resolution was set to 1920p50 – This matches pal/Europe recording frame rate.

When running on wayland

  *   Both the menus and the actual display look like it’s using reduced color depth; there’s very visible banding of gradients.
  *   Frontend wouldn’t hide the mouse cursor.
  *   Couldn’t get screen blanking to work when frontend was started; worked fine without frontend but screen no longer blanks as soon as frontend is active (even it it’s just sitting in the menu)
  *   Except for the color depth issue playback is fine, no tearing issues whatsoever

When running on X11 (same system, same configuration – just changed from Wayland to X11 using raspi-config)

  *   Banding issue is gone, Menu and images look much better
  *   Screen blanking works as expected
  *   Tearing issues are back

Playback profile is v4l2 Codecs, but also tried opengl standard with same results

Just for the record: playing back the same video file used for frontend tests using vlc works flawlessly both on wayland and on X11 and has neither the banding nor the tearing issue on either system. (but does use about twice as much cpu)

So, if anyone has any version of mythtv > 30 running on a pi frontend without tearing and without banding I’d really like to know what your configuration is.

Martin Bene,
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