[mythtv-users] Android Mythrontend on Firestck 4K

Will Dormann wdormann at gmail.com
Mon Sep 25 18:36:24 UTC 2023

On 9/25/23 12:16 PM, Will Dormann wrote:
> (responding to list this time)
> I just today installed Leanfront on a Fire Stick 4k, and it worked fine, 
> requiring no more than entering the host name of the backend.
> And like you, the full mythfrontend app is failing to connect.

OK, just to follow up on my own post:

The "DB <hostname>, BE" part in logcat was my hint as to the 
client attempting to connect to the wrong host.  From another list post, 
I saw that I should run in mysql:

SELECT * FROM settings WHERE value LIKE 'BackendServer%' OR value LIKE 
'MasterServer%' ORDER BY value

This showed a number of IP addresses that were rather than the 
reachable IP of the backend.  Which perhaps is not too much of a 
surprise, as this MythTV system (which has recently had its 20th 
birthday) has always been a combined frontend/backend.  Updating these 
values to the machine's actual machine's IP address (and restarting 
mythtv-backend just for good luck) got me to connect with the full 
Android MythTV client.  The fact that Leanfront just worked threw me for 
a loop, but I suspect that that's because it's not using the full MythTV 
API for interacting with the backend.

While the UI is familiar, the experience was pretty rough  The app took 
close to 60 seconds to launch.  Interacting with the UI is a touch 
sluggish, and I had to turn off deinterlacing to get non-choppy playback 
of the sample video that I tried (which happened to be MPEG2). The 
directions at <https://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Android> seemed a touch 
different than what I saw in the UI, so I'm not 100% sure that I got it 
set up with ideal settings.

As an aside: Going into the Leanfront settings to switch the display of 
recordings to sort in descending order was the most obvious thing that 
needed to change.

Perhaps I was a bit spoiled with my x86_64 box with NVIDIA video output, 
but it seems that the Fire Stick 4K is a touch anemic to run the 
full-blown MythTV frontend.  Does this seem to match other folks' 
experiences here?  I suppose that some video settings might be tweakable 
to make it more acceptable, but it seems that my goal of "reduce clutter 
around the TV area" might be inseparable from "compromise on video 
quality and UX".  The mere fact that it takes nearly a minute to launch 
the app is probably a deal breaker on using it as it is.

Does anybody have any tips on setting up MythTV on a Fire Stick 4k to 
make it more of a pleasant experience?  Or is there another device that 
might better fit the need of a stick-behind-the-TV form factor of a 
MythTV frontend? (Which I suppose might require that it be controllable 
with something other than IR, given the lack of line-of-sight access to it)


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