[mythtv-users] Priority et al

Stephen Worthington stephen_agent at jsw.gen.nz
Mon Sep 25 16:01:34 UTC 2023

On Mon, 25 Sep 2023 22:10:23 +0800, you wrote:

>More and more I'm finding the scheduler is Not Recording a current program To be recorded Later.
>There is no logic ie I have 4 of 4 tuners available.
>Thanks to who ever helped me I set virtual tuners to NOT be allocated automatically and have 1 tuner per tuner, this seems to have upset the scheduler.
>[My wife said when I plug in the laptop charger the Fibaro blinds controller runs. Nonsense I opined. Plug - zzzzst - zzzst - click - brrrrrrrrrr !!] Likewise scheduler logic and virtual tuners.
>Reason for the crazy logic: I get no damaged recordings with no virtual tuners, but occasional ones with virtual tuners.
>Can I change priorities to force recording of first showing ? Must I resort to clever SQL and custom rules ?

You should be able to have the priorities set up so that the first
showing will record.  To try to find out where the priorities are
going wrong, in Mythfrontend in the Upcoming Recordings list, use the
I key twice and scroll down and you will see the priority calculated
for that showing and a breakdown of how it was calculated.  Look at
both the showings that are going to record Later and the previous ones
that you wanted it to record.  Use the 1 key to get the full list of
upcoming recordings ("All" recordings), including all those not going
to record.  Use the 2 key to get the list back to just the "Important"
showings (those that will record or where there is some warning).

Also, getting damaged recordings with virtual tuners does not make any
sense.  There are many of us using virtual tuners and not having any
problems with them.

The usual causes for damaged recordings (where the recording did start
properly in the first place) are:
1) The signal coming into the tuner is damaged.
2) The hard drive is failing and there are damaged sectors, where the
data is not written correctly.
3) The hard drive is failing and the automatic rewriting of sectors
takes too long and the write buffers overflow.
4) The hard drive is shingled and the shingle rewrite delays cause the
write buffers to overflow.
4) The tuner is failing.
5) The tuner is a USB one and is having problems due to a bad USB
connection (or the cat sat on its cable).
6) There are too many recordings going to the same hard drive at the
same time and the heads can not move between all the locations fast
enough, so the write buffers overflow.
7) You are using network tuners and have a network problem that is
causing packet loss or damage, permanently or intermittently.

There are likely more, but those are the ones that I can think of at
the moment and are all things I have encountered and are moderately
likely to happen.

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