[mythtv-users] Priority et al

James jam at tigger.ws
Mon Sep 25 14:10:23 UTC 2023

More and more I'm finding the scheduler is Not Recording a current program To be recorded Later.
There is no logic ie I have 4 of 4 tuners available.
Thanks to who ever helped me I set virtual tuners to NOT be allocated automatically and have 1 tuner per tuner, this seems to have upset the scheduler.
[My wife said when I plug in the laptop charger the Fibaro blinds controller runs. Nonsense I opined. Plug - zzzzst - zzzst - click - brrrrrrrrrr !!] Likewise scheduler logic and virtual tuners.
Reason for the crazy logic: I get no damaged recordings with no virtual tuners, but occasional ones with virtual tuners.

Can I change priorities to force recording of first showing ? Must I resort to clever SQL and custom rules ?


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