[mythtv-users] Android Mythrontend on Firestck 4K

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Mon Sep 25 14:29:43 UTC 2023

On 9/25/23 09:21, Peter Bennett wrote:
> On 9/24/23 14:10, Ken Mandelberg wrote:
>> I'm trying to run the Android Mythfrontend on a Firestick 4K without 
>> any luck. Has anyone succeeded at this? It fails the initial 
>> authentication against the Mysql database on the backend.
>> This is against Peter's latest build of the 32 bit version. Peter had 
>> some suggestions, but nothing has worked.
>> Some notes:
>> Mysql sees sees the query and the mysql log shows
>> 2023-09-23T20:02:39.007635Z     7975 Connect mythtv at fire4k.kmhome on 
>> mythconverg using TCP/IP
>> 2023-09-23T20:02:39.007719Z     7975 Connect    Access denied for 
>> user 'mythtv'@'fire4k.kmhome' (using password: NO)
>> I have several Linux machines with mythfrontend running against the 
>> same mysql database successfully and the mysql log shows
>> 2023-09-23T20:04:17.913574Z      7979 Connect mythtv at kmnuc-w.kmhome 
>> on mythconverg using SSL/TLS
>> 2023-09-23T20:04:17.915495Z      7979 Init DB   mythconverg
>> The problem is not based on a permission error on the mysql server. 
>> The other clients had no problem, but at Peter's suggested I opened 
>> it even wider for a test adding a "mythtv'@'%" user with a wide open 
>> grant of permissions. It's not permissions.
>> I also snooped the wire to see what the firestick was sending in its 
>> authentication dialog. I won't post all the voluminous details, but 
>> in decoding the mysql transaction I noticed
>>        Username: mythtv
>>         Schema: mythconverg
>>         Client Auth Plugin: dummy_fallback_auth
>>         Connection Attributes
>>             Connection Attributes length: 113
>>             Connection Attribute - _os: Android
>>             Connection Attribute - _client_name: libmariadb
>>                 ...
>>                 Connection Attribute Value: libmariadb
>> The reference to mariadb caught my eye since the backend uses mysql, 
>> as well as the Auth Plugin.
>> Any help?
> I just ran a test with 
> mythfrontend-20230620-arm-v34-Pre-285-gad0f875696.apk (32bit), fire 
> stick 4k, master backend.  I do connect successfully to the database, 
> which is mysql. The frontend window shows on the tv and I can play 
> recordings.
> You can check your config.xml settings as follows:
> adb connect <fire-tv-ip-address>
> adb shell
> run-as org.mythtv.mythfrontend
> cd files
> cat config.xml
> Perhaps the user id or the password is wrong there?
> Peter
I found there is a bug in the version of MythTV that I last built for 
Android (above mentioned version). The prompt for database credentials 
causes the program to crash. The latest master version does not have 
this bug. I will post a new build for android that fixes this.

This is probably a bug with all builds, not just android, that happened 
to occur in ad0f875696 and has been since fixed.


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