[mythtv-users] Android Mythrontend on Firestck 4K

Ken Mandelberg km at mathcs.emory.edu
Sun Sep 24 18:10:39 UTC 2023

I'm trying to run the Android Mythfrontend on a Firestick 4K without any 
luck. Has anyone succeeded at this? It fails the initial authentication 
against the Mysql database on the backend.

This is against Peter's latest build of the 32 bit version. Peter had 
some suggestions, but nothing has worked.

Some notes:

Mysql sees sees the query and the mysql log shows

2023-09-23T20:02:39.007635Z     7975 Connect mythtv at fire4k.kmhome on 
mythconverg using TCP/IP
2023-09-23T20:02:39.007719Z     7975 Connect    Access denied for user 
'mythtv'@'fire4k.kmhome' (using password: NO)

I have several Linux machines with mythfrontend running against the same 
mysql database successfully and the mysql log shows

2023-09-23T20:04:17.913574Z      7979 Connect mythtv at kmnuc-w.kmhome on 
mythconverg using SSL/TLS
2023-09-23T20:04:17.915495Z      7979 Init DB   mythconverg

The problem is not based on a permission error on the mysql server. The 
other clients had no problem, but at Peter's suggested I opened it even 
wider for a test adding a "mythtv'@'%" user with a wide open grant of 
permissions. It's not permissions.

I also snooped the wire to see what the firestick was sending in its 
authentication dialog. I won't post all the voluminous details, but in 
decoding the mysql transaction I noticed

        Username: mythtv
         Schema: mythconverg
         Client Auth Plugin: dummy_fallback_auth
         Connection Attributes
             Connection Attributes length: 113
             Connection Attribute - _os: Android
             Connection Attribute - _client_name: libmariadb
                 Connection Attribute Value: libmariadb

The reference to mariadb caught my eye since the backend uses mysql, as 
well as the Auth Plugin.

Any help?

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