[mythtv-users] running mythtv-backend in a VM?

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Mon May 8 21:59:03 UTC 2023

On 08/05/2023 21:51, James Abernathy wrote:
> In my case the tuners were HDHR networked tuners.  The VM video card is not
> good enough to run playback, but it is good enough for Program guide stuff
> and setting up recordings.  However I'm running mythweb on the VM as well
> so I can control things from there. I went back and built a VM with just
> Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and did all the setup via ssh -X jim@<ip-address>.  All I
> have remaining to do is figure out how to start the VM on boot of the host.
> I know people do it all the time, but I need to research it.
To start the VM on boot under KVM there is an option on the Boot Option screen in virt-manager. It 
is as simple as clicking that.

I run my main server(s) under a KVM host - everything Debian - and installed virt-manager on it; 
adding myself to the appropriate groups (libvirt and libvirt-qemu), which means I can ssh -Y 
myuser at host to the host server and just run virt-manager - it comes up on my remote terminal just 
fine to do management without having to su or sudo.

Incidentally, if you are using ssh -Y jim@<ip-address>, might I suggest that you change that to 
mythtv@<ip-address>? You are supposed to be running both the backend and setup from user 'mythtv' 
anyway to avoid permissions issues, so why not just log in directly?


Mike Perkins

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