[mythtv-users] AndroidTV and leanfront: occasional 'ear-protection' limit

John Pilkington johnpilk222 at gmail.com
Mon May 8 13:52:21 UTC 2023

I've come across a minor playback quirk with leanfront on my Sony 
Android TV, which drives my vintage stereo system from its headphone 
socket.   The Android version is 11, device name BRAVIA TL and its 
firmware date is now 2022 Nov 16.

Occasionally, and without any obvious cause, the sound level will drop, 
and attempts to restore it display a warning about possible ear damage 
before allowing a manual adjustment, via the TV remote, to near the 
original level.

Apparently some Android phones can disable this limiting via a 'Sounds 
and Vibration' setting, but I haven't found that on the TV.  Its 'Sound' 
setting shows 'HDMI sound system' and the on-screen popup display of 
sound level is typically dropped from around 50% to around 10%.

I suppose the obvious remedy is to leave the TV output level low and use 
more gain in the stereo system, but might there be another setting 
hiding somewhere?

Apart from this, I find that playback is usually excellent - but the TV 
pixel-count is lower than current norms.

John P

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