[mythtv-users] UK EPG

Mike mythuser at norgie.net
Sun Dec 31 18:44:13 UTC 2023

Hi All,

I've been having a fiddle with my MythTV setup and been wondering about
the programme guide.  I think in the long lost past I was using the TV
Times via XMLTV.  It broke or something and since then I've been relying
on the import of the FreeSat EPG.

I've been reflecting on this and looking for some advice:

It is there any advantage to using an Internet provider over the OTA

Any suggestions for what the best free souce to use is?

I seem to recall, in the UK, it was possible to get EPG data from
Broadcast Data System on a free for personal use basis, although having
a search around I have so far been unable to find them.

Is there a reason why most TV guides online seem to only give eight days
scheduling?  I notice there are occasionally ones that give two weeks.

Kind regards,
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