[mythtv-users] dvb tunner pasthroug to vm in esxi

Paul Harrison mythtv at mythqml.net
Sun Dec 31 12:09:12 UTC 2023

On 30/12/2023 20:02, jacek burghardt wrote:

> Is anyone using MythTV tuning on top of esxi ? I am trying to use 
> hvr-1800 I loaded firmware but looks like dvb interface is missing . 
> Anyone has success using dvb cards with esxi ?

I currently use a TBS 6280 DVB T2 card and I have also used a TBS 6981 
DVB S2 card under esxi for many years without any problems so it's 
definitely possible.

While the TBS cards are rock solid I don't recommend them simply because 
they are not supported by any stock linux kernel so you have to keep 
compiling your own media tree after each kernel upgrade which quickly 
becomes a pain.

It's such a long time ago that I set it up that I don't remember any 
specifics but I think you just have to toggle passthrough for the PCI 
device under Host->Manage->Hardware->PCI Devices it should then become 
available to your virtual machine.

Paul H.

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