[mythtv-users] Fix for forced subtitle problems

Paul Gardiner lists at glidos.net
Thu Dec 14 11:34:21 UTC 2023

On 13/12/2023 19:19, Angela via mythtv-users wrote:
>>> I tried with only the first two commits; forced subtitle shown, I would prefer the non-forced.
>> I've gotten lost now in where this is going. With the first two commits, the intention is that you get the forced subtitles (if present) without having to explicitly enable them - when you want the non-forced subtitles, you just hit the T key (TOGGLECC) to make them display. When you no longer want the non-forced subtitles, you hit the T key again to disable them and the forced ones will still be enabled. If that's not the behaviour you're seeing then perhaps the commits aren't working correctly on master, or for some videos.
> @Paul,
> I had a second look at your first two commits using a well-defined subtitle sample mkv. Unfortunately, I do not see the behavior you mention.
> Attached is a script to create a small mkv with subtitles (languages, forced, display time is configurable), it uses mkvmerge from mkvooltnix. It needs an input.mkv from which it only uses the video.

Thanks for continuing looking at this. I created a test video with your 
nice script and tested out the feature. Here, I'm running with all 3 
commits applied on a branch from fixes-33. (I don't run master. The 
difference between master and fixes-33 could be what's leading to the 
confusion: my commits may be interacting badly with some of Peter's that 
are only on the master branch. I'll look more into that possibility later).

Anyway, here is what I see with all 3 commits applied to fixes-33:

I start the movie and make no adjustment to any subtitle settings. I see 
subtitles displayed "Using subtitle_eng_forced.srt" and then "This is an 
English Forced Subtitle example."

I then use Right Arrow repeatedly to navigate back to the start of the 
movie and press the T key once. I see subtitles displayed "Using 
subtitle_eng.srt" and then "This is an English Subtitle example."

This is the behaviour the commits were designed to achieve. What do you 
see if you perform the same key presses?

I'm finding the rest of the discussions very confusing because it's 
difficult to tell what behaviours we are talking about when it may be 
working differently on master and fixes-33. I think we need to rule out 
that before we can get anywhere.


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