[mythtv-users] TBS 6904SE linux drivers freeze my Ubuntu 22.04 box

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Mon Sep 19 16:35:55 UTC 2022

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> Probably totally unrelated to TBS.
> I believe you have a graphics card/driver issue.

Might well be...
It's the integrated graphics on the Intel motherboard.
But before compiling and installing the TBS drivers, a default install of
Ubuntu 22.04.1 (or 20.04.2) goes into full graphics mode by itself without
hiccups, driving a 4k monitor via displayport without problems. It's only
at the first reboot after the installation of the TBS drivers that it all
goes black.

> What happens if you do <ctrl><alt><f1>? (may need <f2> or <f3>) Do you
> get a console login?

No, unfortunately. The display stays black. Totally unresponsive. Not even
a blinking text cursor.

> If so most likely to be graphics.
> I would search for linux install black screen and see if anything helps.
> Maybe the TBS driver is damaging something?

Seems to be so.

> The other option is that all is OK and it is getting tied up waiting for
> something. Getting to the console and seeing what is running should help
> that.

I can't seem to get into a console.

> Also getting to a console and doing startx may show you something. (Does
> ubuntu have startx?)

Ubuntu has startx but I can't get into a console.

If I reboot and, from grub, I select advanced options / recovery mode, all
I get is

Loading Linux 5.515.0-47-generic ...
Loading initial ramdisk ...

and it freezes there. I never get to a command line.

I'll note another probably unrelated issue, namely that with this recycled
motherboard I have never been able to get into the BIOS setup, despite
having wiped all the wipeable out of the CMOS (removed battery, set the
yellow jumper to hardware clear etc etc). Intel has discontinued support
for its motherboards a few years ago so maybe I'm asking too much of this
old silicon. But it's annoying that it runs 22.04 flawlessly until I try to
install these drivers.

I don't have a more modern box going spare at the moment, otherwise I'd try
moving the TBS card to that. Although having said that... I could take out
the SSD from my known-good main linux box, put a blank one in, reinstall
Ubuntu for the nth time in 2 days and try this recompilation business
there, and see if it freezes the machine in the same way...
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