[mythtv-users] TBS 6904SE linux drivers freeze my Ubuntu 22.04 box

stinga+mythtv at wolf-rock.com stinga+mythtv at wolf-rock.com
Mon Sep 19 15:14:48 UTC 2022

On 19/9/22 06:28, UB40D via mythtv-users wrote:
> Grub shows its menu OK
> after that the screen goes black and nothing ever happens. It never 
> even gets into graphical mode.
Probably totally unrelated to TBS.

I believe you have a graphics card/driver issue.

What happens if you do <ctrl><alt><f1>? (may need <f2> or <f3>) Do you 
get a console login? If so most likely to be graphics.

I would search for linux install black screen and see if anything helps.
Maybe the TBS driver is damaging something?

The other option is that all is OK and it is getting tied up waiting for 
something. Getting to the console and seeing what is running should help 

Also getting to a console and doing startx may show you something. (Does 
ubuntu have startx?)
I am a Debian user so beware :-)


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