[mythtv-users] Problems when streaming from a web site

glen glenb at glenb.net
Sun Nov 6 02:05:15 UTC 2022

On Sat, 2022-11-05 at 21:03 -0400, Scott Simpson wrote:
> Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS
> mythtv-backend/jammy,now
> 2:32.0+fixes.202211050719.18f5b48ee1~ubuntu22.04.1
> ffmpeg/jammy-updates,jammy-security,now 7:4.4.2-0ubuntu0.22.04.1
> I have a set up with two sources of input: an HDHomeRun Prime
> (Spectrum) 
> and an external tuner that reads from a web site. The recordings from
> the HDHomeRun Prime get created correctly and everything works fine. 
> When I use the external tuner, it creates the video of the correct 
> length but skipping forward doesn't work. If the video is an hour
> say, 
> when I skip forward 30 seconds it will say 6 minutes or something
> like 
> that. If I get to the end when skipping forward it starts the video 
> over. If I just let the video play, it plays for an hour.
> If I play the video as an ASF stream through MythWeb (through VLC on 
> Windows) the video plays fine and is of the correct length. I can
> jump 
> around through the video this way (but no commercial skip).
> The external tuner uses this ffmpeg command on reading:
> command="ffmpeg -hide_banner -nostats -loglevel fatal -re -i %URL% -
> c:v 
> copy -c:a copy -f mpegts -"
i record a good bit from iptv (web) sources. i have this a lot, i set
up a user job to just let ffmpeg remux it with copy audio and video no
encoding. so it takes less than a minute.  i used the variables for
user jobs to work on the correct file in storage. but the basic ffmpeg
is use is   ffmpeg -i xxxx.ts -c copy t.ts  where xxxxx is the path and
name of the recording. next step remove myth recording xxxxx.ts and
finally mv t.ts to the myth recording name. then the seek table is
correct. if i had a commercial skips sometimes i have to do those over
also and i have 3 user jobs with different ini files for comskip which
i use instead of mycommflag. 

you can test with a recording and see if it works for you
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