[mythtv-users] Ubuntu remote setup

Ted L ted1193-mythmlist at yahoo.com
Wed May 25 00:09:55 UTC 2022

On Tuesday, May 24, 2022, 10:29:46 AM EDT, Mitchell Gore 
<mitchell.gore at gmail.com> wrote:
>BUT when i go into mythtv and try and program buttons such as back, ok, or
>jumppoints=C2=A0it shows nothing.=C2=A0

Before or after rebooting? It is normal when using Mythbuntu Control 
Panel for the the button presses to not work except when using 
ir-keytable -t in the terminal until the system is rebooted. As shown in the
video linked to below starting at time index 2:20, if you press the number
3 key, do you see KEY_3 in the output? After doing as shown in the 
video and rebooting, if you start a text editor, do you see numbers when
pressing the number keys?


Thanks for the feedback by answering the questions if you have time. I recently
installed MythTV v32 on Ubuntu 22.04, and using MCP to configure the
remote went smoothly with my IR remote and receiver.

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