[mythtv-users] Schedules Direct JSON service changes 2022-05-20

Bill Meek keemllib at gmail.com
Sun May 22 22:20:15 UTC 2022

On 5/22/22 12:46, Gary Buhrmaster wrote:
> On Sun, May 22, 2022 at 5:27 PM Tom Dexter <digitalaudiorock at gmail.com> wrote:
> alue."
>> Does anyone know if the numeric portion of that xmltvid is by some
>> chance the same number as the old numeric ID?
> They are (since the data comes from the same
> upstream source), but technically one should
> not depend upon it.
> Somewhere, a long time ago, someone posted
> a one time conversion script (not sure if email,
> or forum, or wiki) to convert the MythTV
> (non-RFC2838 compliant) xmltvids to the
> RFC2838 compliant form zz_sdjson_sqlite emits.

I did the attached Python script. IFF the 'normal' process doesn't work, then:

   switch_to_json.py --host yourBackendHostName --verbose

Which will report only, no changes made. See the top of the
script for instructions. To add the we really mean it switch
for it to do something.

I also have one that marks all visible channels as selected in the SQLite DB
and marks the rest with selected=0.

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