[mythtv-users] Scanning an audio cd freezes the FE.

A. F. Cano afc54 at comcast.net
Mon May 2 01:30:27 UTC 2022

I remember from long ago that this feature stopped working when the service
used by mythtv to look up CDs stopped working, so I didn't bother trying to
import CDs since.  So said someone on this mailing list then.

It's been a while now and mythtv has been updated, possibly multiple times.
I just tried it again and it still hangs (Application mythfrontend is not
responding) and the window doesn't even update when switching windows
(mythfronend started with thd -w option).  The only way to regain control
is to terminate the application.

The path to the freeze: Advanced -> Music Tools -> Import CD.  And then
nothing at all shows in any of the fields and the FE freezes.

In contrast, when I put in the audio CD in the CD/DVD drive I get a
notification that lets me choose how to proceed: Play Audio CD using Dragon
Player, Extract Digital Audio with K3b, Copy with K3b.

If I select the second option, k3b is launched and the table of contents of
the CD is displayed.  Is k3b also looking up the contents of the CD on the
internet somehow? or is it getting it from the CD itself?  If the latter, why
can't mythfronend do the same? Is anyone else using this feature successfully?

Mythtv 1:31.0+fixes20220227.git7e4ce1ba98 from deb-multimedia on Debian stable.

Thanks for any hints.  Extremely happy otherwise with MythTV.  4400+ shows on
the HD.


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