[mythtv-users] Scanning an audio cd freezes the FE.

Stephen Worthington stephen_agent at jsw.gen.nz
Mon May 2 03:37:41 UTC 2022

On Sun, 1 May 2022 21:30:27 -0400, you wrote:

>I remember from long ago that this feature stopped working when the service
>used by mythtv to look up CDs stopped working, so I didn't bother trying to
>import CDs since.  So said someone on this mailing list then.
>It's been a while now and mythtv has been updated, possibly multiple times.
>I just tried it again and it still hangs (Application mythfrontend is not
>responding) and the window doesn't even update when switching windows
>(mythfronend started with thd -w option).  The only way to regain control
>is to terminate the application.
>The path to the freeze: Advanced -> Music Tools -> Import CD.  And then
>nothing at all shows in any of the fields and the FE freezes.
>In contrast, when I put in the audio CD in the CD/DVD drive I get a
>notification that lets me choose how to proceed: Play Audio CD using Dragon
>Player, Extract Digital Audio with K3b, Copy with K3b.
>If I select the second option, k3b is launched and the table of contents of
>the CD is displayed.  Is k3b also looking up the contents of the CD on the
>internet somehow? or is it getting it from the CD itself?  If the latter, why
>can't mythfronend do the same? Is anyone else using this feature successfully?
>Mythtv 1:31.0+fixes20220227.git7e4ce1ba98 from deb-multimedia on Debian stable.
>Thanks for any hints.  Extremely happy otherwise with MythTV.  4400+ shows on
>the HD.

I am using MythTV v32-fixes on Ubuntu 20.04.  When I scan an audio CD,
I do not get a freeze.  Instead I get a screen listing all the tracks,
but the disc and tracks are not identified.

MythTV appears to be using the MusicBrainz database (musicbrainz.org).
In this directory:


I found Python files that refer to MusicBrainz.  But it looks like the
last time they were updated was a while ago - I found a line in a
README that said the last sync was 27/12/2015.

With your freeze, it would be worth leaving mythfrontend in that
frozen state for a few minutes to see if there is a long timeout
happening (perhaps while trying to access the CD drive).  I think I
can recall problems like that when the mythfrontend user did not have
proper permissions to use the drive, and it needed to be added to a
couple of groups.  This is what I see for my mythfrontend user:

stephen at mypvr:~$ groups
stephen adm cdrom sudo audio dip video plugdev syslog mythtv
sambashare lpadmin wireshark vboxusers lirc

So it looks like it needs to be a member of the cdrom group.

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