[mythtv-users] setting up a AirTV Anywhere tuner with MythTV

Stephen Worthington stephen_agent at jsw.gen.nz
Sun Jun 26 06:15:02 UTC 2022

On Sat, 25 Jun 2022 20:00:29 +0100, you wrote:

>Stephen Worthington <stephen_agent at jsw.gen.nz> wrote:
>> It is also possible to set up a "man in the middle" PC which connects
>> to the device you are trying to see the traffic from and bridges that
>> traffic to the subnet it is normally supposed to go to.  But that
>> requires a higher level of networking expertise, and two network
>> interfaces.  It is much easier to do with Ethernet than WiFi, but then
>> requires two Ethernet ports.
>From memory :
>brctl adder br0
>brctl addif br0 eth0
>brctl addif br0 eth1
>ip address add <address> dev br0
>There might be a need for some link up commands, it’s a long time since I last did this.
>or in /etc/network/interfaces 
>auto br0
>iface br0 inet static
>  bridge_ports eth0 eth1
>  address <address>
>  netmask
>  gateway <address>
>In either case you now have a bridge which is functionally the same as a hardware network switch. Packets will be forwarded automatically as needed. And you can sniff packets on the physical interfaces as they pass through.

It is usually better to sniff the packets on the bridge interface
rather than the physical interfaces.

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