[mythtv-users] setting up a AirTV Anywhere tuner with MythTV

James Abernathy jfabernathy at gmail.com
Fri Jun 24 10:54:37 UTC 2022

When I signed up for Sling TV streaming service to complement my OTA MythTV
system I had the opportunity to get a package deal that gave me a AirTV
Anywhere OTA tuner/DVR that would integrate with the Sling TV app so you
could have the OTA channels alongside the streaming channels.

The integrated OTA DVR part of this isn't working out very well. So I
thought about maybe seeing if I could somehow hack the thing to work with
Mythtv as a Quad Tuner only. At a minimum I could remove the 1TB SSD and
use it elsewhere, but maybe find an API interface for it?

Any thoughts on how to proceed?
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