[mythtv-users] StreamZap/LIRC stopped working

Gary Raposo gary at raposo.ca
Sun Jun 5 21:21:26 UTC 2022

On 2022-06-04 1:25 a.m., Stephen Worthington wrote:
> On Fri, 3 Jun 2022 23:30:33 -0400, you wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I know this issue isn't directly related to MythTV but I'm hoping
>> someone on the list with the same hardware and OS could help me
>> troubleshoot this issue.
>> I've been using a StreamZap remote and USB IR receiver to control MythTV
>> via LIRC for years. It hasn't really given me any problems. A recent
>> Fedora 35 update broke things. LIRC is not registering any key presses
>> even though I can see the red indicator on the IR receiver blink every
>> time I press a button on the remote. I can't pinpoint the exact update
>> that broke things because it took me a while to notice the remote wasn't
>> working.
>> Right now I'm running Fedora 35 (5.17.11-200.fc35.x86_64) with
>> lirc-core-0.10.0-32.fc35.x86_64 on my combined MythTV FE/BE.
>> If I stop lircd and run mode2, I can see all the key presses. If I start
>> lircd and run irw, I see nothing. No errors are logged - everything
>> appears to be running properly.
>> I've uninstalled and reinstalled LIRC. It's a pretty simply set up:
>> - lsusb shows: Bus 001 Device 006: ID 0e9c:0000 Streamzap, Inc.
>> Streamzap Remote Control
>> - streamzap and rc_streamzap modules are loaded load
>> - /etc/lirc/lirc_options.conf is stock except for two changes:
>>     driver = default
>>     device = /dev/lirc0
>> - /etc/lirc/lircd.conf.d/streamzap.lircd.conf was created using the
>> config found here:
>> https://github.com/graysky2/streamzap/blob/master/00-Streamzap_PC_Remote.conf
>> mode2:
>> Using driver default on device /dev/lirc0
>> Trying device: /dev/lirc0
>> Using device: /dev/lirc0
>> Warning: Running as root.
>> (codes displayed with each key press)
>> systemctl start lircd (starts successfully with no errors)
>> irw:
>> (nothing!)
>> I've gone over /etc/lirc/lircd.conf.d/streamzap.lircd.conf with a fine
>> tooth comb and there's nothing wrong with it. It's worked for me for
>> years and it's the same as others that I've found with a bit of Googling.
>> I installed a fresh copy of Fedora 36 on a different machine and moved
>> the USB IR receiver over. I configured it exactly as above - same
>> outcome, mode2 looks normal but nothing out of irw,
>> I then moved the USB IR receiver over to a Raspberry Pi (Linux
>> RaspberryPi 5.15.32-v7+), installed LIRC, and applied the same
>> configuration as above and it worked. So I know the USB IR receiver and
>> remote control are fine.
>> Has anyone seen this behaviour with StreamZap+LIRC on Fedora? Any hints
>> on how to fix or even troubleshoot this one?
>> Thanks
>> Gary
> How old was the version of lirc that was working?  There was a major
> change in how lirc works, where a lot of the drivers were moved to the
> kernel.  The first page Google found for "streamzap lirc":
> https://github.com/graysky2/streamzap
> says that you should be using the devinput driver, which is the kernel
> driver for a lot of lirc devices.  If that is what has happened, then
> you need to completely reconfigure lirc to use the devinput driver.
> First, run ir-keytable and see if it sees your remote, and then try
> ir-keytable -t to see if it sees all the keys on your remote (not just
> the arrow keys and maybe volume and power keys).  Do not use the power
> key as it is likely to shut down the PC.  If that works, then it is
> almost certain that you need to be using a devinput configuration.
> _______________________________________________

Hi Stephen,

I spent some time this weekend doing further research and playing with 
the devinput driver. No luck. devinput was giving me the same troubles 
(more even) as the default driver.

Your comment on ir-keytable got me thinking and after a little bit of 
Googling I was able to dump LIRC altogether. It was much easier than I 
thought and now everything is working again. I don't use multiple 
remotes or an IR blaster so I'm not really missing out on LIRC 

dnf erase lirc
rm -r /etc/lirc/
rm ~mythtv/.mythtv/lircrc

I also had an InputClass section in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/10-mythtv.conf 
to "Ignore Streamzap IR". This was needed to avoid double button presses 
being registered (I think). Removed that section as well.

dnf install v4l-utils
cp /lib/udev/rc_keymaps/streamzap.toml /etc/rc_keymaps
vi /etc/rc_keymaps/streamzap.toml
[match the MythTV key bindings using my old lircrc file as a reference]
ir-keytable --read
[don't need this step - just to confirm the new keymap was loaded]

My remote control is now working again with MythTV again and without 
relying on LIRC. Looks LIRC hasn't been updated since 2017 so I suspect 
that these types of weird issues will crop up more frequently as kernel 
changes break old code.

Thanks for your help!

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