[mythtv-users] What do people use/do - replacement for MythPodcaster

James B Huber jbhuber at judahnet.net
Sat Feb 12 16:47:03 UTC 2022

Looking for what people are using....

Been running myth since 2003, and along the way when MythPodcaster was
put out, I picked it up and started using for
things I wanted to stream on my Apple devices...I have managed to smack
it around and keep it working thru the various ffmepg
changes, Myth changes etc. Most recently was still using it on myth v29
on my rhel-7 box.

Shorten the story, finally have had enough of dealing with RH, switched
the machine to Linux Mint (20.03, based on Ubuntu 20.04)
and myth v31...

I looked at putting MythPodcaster back on it, but it, well...past what
I am willing to put into it.

MythPodcaster has a working web interface which would should you a
thumbnail and program description of programs you had it
transcode...I have no issues with transcoding programs to work on my
Apple devices, but miss the web-interface with descriptions.

So, my question is, what are people doing now-a-days for this type of
thing ? I really don't want to reinvent the wheel.

Thanks in Advance,
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