[mythtv-users] Digital audio Capability grayed out

James Abernathy jfabernathy at gmail.com
Sat Aug 13 10:26:25 UTC 2022

Found it. The problem started with
commit: cd109ec6c08f578e1b0965e4726e6046d75af8e8 from Apr 9 22:57:38

Here's the detailed lab report I did to document my testing. Things were
getting blurred until I did this. The testing problem was that if you have
a working 5.1 setup and change to a commit where it fails, you may not know
it until you change your audio device.
All this testing was on a Asrock NUC 1165G7 Core i7 1165G7. Connected to
Denon AVR via HDMI and AVR connected to Samsung UHD 4K TV. The PC is
running EndeavourOS which is really Archlinux but easier to install. So
Mythtv combo FE/BE was built from source originally via AUR. However, when
this testing started I followed the normal Build from source wiki page:

The NUC was not rebooted during this testing. So the backend should not
have restarted. So in theory only the frontend should have changed. I
checked the Status page each test and it did agree with the commit I was on.

Went back to fixes/32 latest and built it for sanity and 5.1 fails and
Digital Audio Capabilities is grayed out.

Now going back to Jun 30 ced41a5f8f5a53c685755cde67fbe16206c9aa55
5.1 does not work, the same as the latest.

Going back to 1eacadd5f413197746cb61ea036c522c65f95936
again from Apr 9th. 22:49:25
Dolby Digital 5.1 is working again.

Now going to ced41a5f8f5a53c685755cde67fbe16206c9aa55
from Jun 30
At first it's working but if you change the audio device to something else
like alsa and uncheck the Digital Audio Capabilities, they go gray and then
when you change to the right HDMI, there are no Digital Capabilities.
Definitely some memory kept somewhere.

Going to try 1eacadd5f413197746cb61ea036c522c65f95936 again from April 9th
As soon as you start mythfrontend, go to settings you see the right audio
device and you can set Digital Audio Capabilities.  You can set 5.1 and it
works. You can also change to ALSA default that doesn't really work and the
Capabilities are not grayed out.

Next ec4558f3e1bbc021d771276a288039924f181a8b from Apr 20th
at first it looks okay, but when you change to Alsa Default and uncheck the
4 Digital Audio Capabilities, change to stereo and save you can not got
back to the correct HDMI device and all the Digital Audio Capabilities are
grayed out.

Changed to cd109ec6c08f578e1b0965e4726e6046d75af8e8 from Apr 9 22:57:38
Does not work. Digital Audio Capabilities grayed out.

Change back to 1eacadd5f413197746cb61ea036c522c65f95936 from Apr 9 22:49:25
Everything working fine, related to Dolby Digital 5.1!

Jim A.
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