[mythtv-users] RedHat vs Ubuntu

Ken Smith kens at kensnet.org
Thu Sep 23 10:10:28 UTC 2021

Hi All,

I don't want to start a distro war discussion here. Just a practical 
thread about the state of play with Myth in 2021.

Since 2007 I have run various incarnations of MythTV on RedHat derived 
systems. Various flavours of Fedora and latterly Centos. I chose RedHat 
as I work with that in my day-job and I'm most familiar with it. The 
MythTV rpm builds done by Axel Thimm and others have worked well so far....

With the debacle over Centos 8 last year I have been attempting to set 
up my latest incarnation of MythTV on AlmaLinux, with is a Redhat 8 
clone. I've attempted to use the MythTV rpm made available at RPMFusion. 
As some may have noticed in my other recent thread, there is a MySQL / 
MariaDB conflict when installing that version. I know I could force the 
install but generally the installation is really messy.

I raised a Bug at RPMFusion over a week ago and have had no response at 
all. Not even a "this is duplicate of xyz or you are doing something dumb"

For MythTV > v28 is a RedHat/RPMFusion a viable way forward?

Is anyone else currently using a RedHat derived system?

As I see it there are these options

- Somehow get the RPMFusion rpm sorted out. Not having much luck with that.
- Find an alternative repository with a current rpm build. I do see 
MythTV 0.27 for Fedora 19 on ATRPM's but Fedora 19 went EoL in 2015.
- Build from source on AlmaLinux.
- Drop RedHat and switch to Ubuntu.

I rather suspect the last option is the only real way forward.

I do appreciate the hours of voluntary effort put in my many to produce 
a truly excellent system that is head and shoulders ahead of anything else.


:-) Ken

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