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Hoi Stephen,

Thursday, September 2, 2021, 6:38:24 PM, you wrote:

> On Thu, 2 Sep 2021 15:12:14 +0200, you wrote:

>>Hoi Stephen,
>>Thursday, September 2, 2021, 3:33:12 AM, you wrote:
>>> On Thu, 2 Sep 2021 02:27:15 +0200, you wrote:
>>>>Hoi All,
>>>>Of late I have been buying series on dvd. As I do not like playing
>>>>disk jokey I rip them to disk using dvd::rip.
>>>>With my last buy "Star Trek: Enterprise" I have encountered several
>>>>First I had problems with audiosync, switching to handbrake solved
>>>>My second problem is with the subtitles. Normally I just burn the
>>>>dutch subtitles while ripping, but on this set there are extra
>>>>commentary subtitle and audio streams on some of the episodes so I add
>>>>them pass-through. Unfortunately now the coloring is off. Not in vlc
>>>>but in myth, in stead of white with dark border they are dark grey
>>>>with light grey border.
>>>>My first thought was extracting the subtitles as subvob with dvd::rip
>>>>(transcode) and adding them as external files. The external files are
>>>>even worse colored (blue with yellow border) but that I found I could
>>>>simpel adjust in the idx file. Again works fine with vlc but myth
>>>>does not see them. 
>>>>Handbrake has also the option of importing srt subtitle files but not
>>>>subvob. So far I have not been able to find a tool to convert them.
>>>>So anybody any suggestions?
>>>>My last problem is that some of these dvd's have image galleries. As
>>>>vlc crashes on them I have been unable to see them and neither
>>>>dvd::rip nor handbrake is aware of their presence. I have not jet
>>>>further looked into this, but any ideas on how to access them?
>>> I have always used the Windows software DVDDecrypter for ripping DVDs
>>> - it does handle picture galleries.  What it does is to just make a
>>> copy of the DVD, with all its structure present.  It does no
>>> transcoding or changing of the container format.  Handbrake extracts
>>> the DVD video and then does transcoding on it, or at the very least
>>> changes the container.  That always has the ability to create
>>> problems, so it is best to not do that to a DVD, especially a complex
>>> one.  I have not heard of dvd::rip before, but I suspect it does the
>>> same thing.
>>You mean like cpvts which in essence just copies the VIDEO_TS
>>directory from the dvd to disk?
>>How then do you watch? You this way cannot import it into the mythtv
>>video database. You have vlc or so on your frontend machines to watch
>>these? It will be tricky to make selections between the different
>>image with just a remote.

> Yes, it just copies the DVD to disk, file by file.  Mythfrontend can
> play a VIDEO_TS directory - just put all the files from one somewhere
> in a subdirectory of your video directories and try it out.  As I
> understand it, mythfrontend will treat any directory it finds a
> VIDEO_TS.IFO file in as a DVD image directory.  Or you can easily use
> a program like ImgBurn (Windows again) to convert the VIDEO_TS
> directory to a .iso file.  I am sure there are Linux commands to do
> that too, but I have only one BD drive and it is on my main Windows
> box, so I normally rip optical disks there.

> I have never heard of cpvts before, but on looking it up, it only
> copies one title from a DVD, not the entire DVD.  Complex DVDs often
> have multiple titles, sometimes one per scene, for example.  Or there
> may be effectively two shorter movies on one DVD, with one title each.

> For unencrypted DVDs you can just copy the files, or use the Linux
> "readom" (read optical media) command to read the entire disk in as a
> .iso file.  Readom does reasonable error detection and correction, so
> it is a good option for reading optical disks.
> _______________________________________________

I have experimented with your DVD Decrypter. It in essence does the
same as the first stage of dvd::rip (which is a graphical frontend for
transcode) only DVD Decrypter is a little more powerful.
It does not see the picture galleries and does not solve the subtitle
color problem. Actually when I transcode it next with handbrake I now
had orange subtitles in mythtv.
My guess is there is an incompatibility between these dvd's and the
mythtv internal player.

I see several posibilities:
- looking further for inserting adapted subtitles
- transcoding a separate version for the extra subtitles and burn them
  in. Then the color is ok.
- switch to another player (for instance mplayer) in mythtv.
  I tried both `/usr/bin/mplayer` and `/usr/bin/mplayer %FILE%` but
  they won't run. What am I missing? It runs from the commandline.
- look into possibilities with makemkv

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