[mythtv-users] Advice on v31 installation?

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Tue Jun 29 16:08:27 UTC 2021

On Tue, Jun 29, 2021 at 10:35 AM <f-myth-users at media.mit.edu> wrote:

> Hi.  I'm looking for some advice on installing v31.  I'll be doing so
> under Ubuntu 20.04.
> I'm currently running a truly ancient version.  I'll be installing on
> an entirely separate machine and running both in parallel while I figure
> out my v31 installation.  To start with, I'm just going to set up a new
> database, at least for testing; once I get everything working, I -might-
> dump the new, test DB and try to migrate the old DB, but it's going to
> be quite involved and I'm on a bit of a schedule before Comcast drops
> support for my equally-ancient cable boxes, so I'll get the test system
> running first and ask any questions about migration later.
> (a) I don't want to interfere with the ancient myth's lineups (using DD)
> in any way while setting up the new machine's lineups (presumably using
> XMLTV).  The two lineups will be -very- different because the two myths
> will receive via very different hardware and have access to different
> channels.  I see that SD supports up to four lineups, but can I rely on
> a new installation using a new lineup and not bashing the old one?  How
> are they differentiated?  The SD web interface makes it look like I have
> to pick a unique nearby zipcode (pretty sure that's what I did years
> ago); is that the way?  [If I can't be sure, I can pay for a brand-new
> account (a couple months or a year) to guarantee they stay separate,
> although I just paid for a new year on the old one and I assume that
> money's sunk.  I'd rather use the existing SD acct, but only if safe.]
> (b) Is it wise to use the Mythbuntu Control Panel to do the initial
> setup, or should I install everything "by hand" without installing MCP?
> (c) I've seen rumblings on the list re MySQL compatibility.  Should I
> preinstall MariaDB instead, and if I do, will MCP install MySQL anyway
> or will it see that the dependency is satisfied if I install MariaDB
> first?  (And I assume if it installs MySQL I can just remove that and
> leave/reinstall MariaDB, if MariaDB is currently the recommended DB?)
> (d) Should I prefer the JSON or the SQLite versions of the XMLTV grabber?
> If I use MCP, will it enforce a choice?  Do I still have to worry about
> configuring either grabber differently so it doesn't try to use gigs of
> RAM?  (I have a vague feeling that might have been solved between the
> version of 31 prepackaged w/20.04 and the current version, but I haven't
> checked when that may or may not have been fixed; the version the non-PPA
> 20.04 ships is claimed to be 2:31.0+fixes.20200323.9579662cdc-0ubuntu1.)
> (e) I'll be using a Ceton 6ETH (or a couple of them) to capture.
> I've stashed away a few sets of advice on this over the years, and have
> already paired one with a CableCard and ensured that works.  So far,
> it/they will be sharing my network, although I hope to add Ethernet
> ports to the production backend eventually to reduce packet contention.
> I also have some 120mm fans for cooling it/them.  Any other gotchas I
> should be aware of?
> (f) And in general---any other gotchas that spring to mind or things I
> should be asking about?
> Thanks!

I can point you to the last time I built from scratch a backend. It is also
used as a server for the whole house.  These are the step by
step instructions I used last summer to completely start over.  You could
restore a saved database and restore the old recordings, but I didn't this
time. My RAID drives were already set up and Ubuntu added them in without
having to be rebuilt.


My frontends vary, but mythfrontend on PC, Macs, Raspberry PIs, and FireTV
4K all work with this backend setup.

Jim A
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