[mythtv-users] UK - ITV4 channel change

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Sun Jun 27 14:27:49 UTC 2021

I discovered yesterday that I have my own scheduling curiosity.

I cusomarily record the Tour de France, which is broadcast on ITV4, usually channel 24. Yesterday I 
had the option of watching it live and discovered that channel 24 was "not available"; looked in the 
EPG and found it had moved to 25.

This morning it occurred to me to find out what I had actually recorded on 24 yesterday. What I 
found was a low-bitrate broadcast of the Tour, exactly as I had watched, but with one oddity: The 
only sound was ambient. That is, I had the motorbike noise, crowds, even the two major crashes, but 
no commentary. Oddly this even extended to the adverts! Perfect high-quality adverts /with music/ 
but no voices!

Now about to do a rescan existing channels :(


Mike Perkins

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