[mythtv-users] Logitech Harmony remote replacement - SofaBaton U1 ?

Paul Gardiner lists at glidos.net
Wed Jun 23 08:37:15 UTC 2021

On 23/06/2021 04:31, Stephen Worthington wrote:
> On Tue, 22 Jun 2021 19:17:30 +0100, you wrote:
>> On 22/06/2021 19:01, Mike Perkins wrote:
>>> On 22/06/2021 17:05, Paul Gardiner wrote:
>>>> On 22/06/2021 12:24, Mike Perkins wrote:
>>>>> On 22/06/2021 10:08, Paul Gardiner wrote:
>>>>>> On 21/06/2021 23:07, Phill Edwards wrote:
>>>>>>>       >>> The Sofabaton is my expected fallback when/if my Harmony's
>>>>>>> quit
>>>>>>>       >>> working.  Sadly, I don't know of any other affordable,
>>>>>>> universal,
>>>>>>>       >>> bluetooth remotes.
>>>>>>>      The sofa baton is an interesting device, and it is on sale in
>>>>>>>      amazon's prime day for less than US $40.
>>>>>>> I just watched a review of the Sofabaton. Looks ok but doesn't seem
>>>>>>> to have the equivalent of Harmony's activities, which means it
>>>>>>> can't automatically select HDMI inputs when you turn things on.
>>>>>>> That was such a good WAF feature.
>>>>>> Yes, but I think you could make it emulate that feature, providing
>>>>>> you reserve one button for the activity-change-over actions so,
>>>>>> unlike with the harmony where you just change activity, you'd need
>>>>>> to change activity and then press your setup button.
>>>>> I think that it is a balance of where you want to have the 'business
>>>>> logic', if you like. In the Harmony, the existing state of everything
>>>>> is held in the remote itself, so it knows what to change when you
>>>>> press an activity button.
>>>>> It would be possible to move that all to your host end. That way,
>>>>> you'd simply have a spare button on the remote which, when pressed,
>>>>> runs (for example) a script which reads the existing state info
>>>>> previously stored in, I dunno, /var/something, and does whatever is
>>>>> required to effect the switching.
>>>>> Of course, that implies that that host retains all the state info so
>>>>> would have to be on all the time. Suitable project for a RPi, anyone?
>>>> I was thinking of restricting to idempotent actions, so no state
>>>> memory is needed: turn every device needed on, turn every device not
>>>> needed off, don't use toggles, don't use next or prev actrions.
>>> Unfortunately most power buttons on remotes /are/ just toggles. If you
>>> need to change the input source for the TV, also, different TVs use
>>> differing approaches.
>> Oh, I must be lucky. Every one of my devices has separate power off and
>> power on, some in addition to a toggle. Likewise for input selection.
>> Hmmm, come to think of it, they do have exceptionally big remotes. :-)
> Even devices that only have toggle buttons for things sometimes do
> have discrete remote codes to do the on and off (or channel select)
> separately.  The problem is finding the documentation that tells you
> what the codes are, and then being able to program them.  And some TVs
> (Samsung?) now have a defined Internet API for remote control.  I hope
> other manufacturers will copy this.

Perhaps, in those cases, Sofabatton's database might include the codes. 
I wonder if the database is viewable without owning a device.

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