[mythtv-users] The future of MythTV

Stephan Seitz stse+mythtv at rootsland.net
Fri Jun 11 07:31:44 UTC 2021

Am Do, Jun 10, 2021 at 21:31:43 +1200 schrieb Stephen Worthington:
>I think the Record Once ("Record this showing") rules only allow for a
>time movement of up to 5 minutes.  It seems you often get larger
>changes than that, so you would be better off telling MythTV to
>"Record one showing (this episode)", so it will record the episode no
>matter what time it is broadcast at.

Thanks, I will try it the next time.

>You can manually add a override rule for a specific instance of a
>recording which sets the post roll to a different amount from the rule
>that created the recording.

Yes, I know I can change it later again or stop the recording, but as far 
as I know you need the frontend for this. Mythweb can’t do it.

So I think it would be much better to have a global option for this 
feature. I would consider it a waste of disk space.

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