[mythtv-users] Rasberry Pi 4 - New FE

Barry Martin barry3martin at gmail.com
Wed Jun 9 13:43:09 UTC 2021

Hi Adam!

> I've just got a new Rasberry Pi 4 as a Frontend only.  The wiki has been a
> useful source of information and I've had mixed success.
> Im currently running an up to date Rasberry Pi OS lite with the Myth TV
> Light packages.
> I'm getting lots of segfaults.  Running myth frontend with -v all doesn't
> yield anything that useful. It seems to be just after EDID exchange. It
> segfaults loading mythfrontend 9 times out of 10. No idea why sometimes it
> works and sometimes it doesn't.  Any suggestions welcome on how to resolve
> this?

I am using a Raspberry Pi 400 with 4 GB as a Frontend and have a few 
things to suggest. The current Raspbian and MythTV Lite work fine.

As for the segfault try decreaing your GPU memory (gpu_mem) – to me 
sounds counter-intuitive but the ARM CPU and GPU apparently share 1GB of 
memory – check /vcgencmd get_mem gpu/ and /vcgencmd get_mem arm/ – 
increasing one will decrease the other. Off-hand I don’t recall what I 
have my RPi400 configured but a different one with Motion (surveillance 
utility) with two cameras works fine with gpu_mem set at 128 MB and 
starts choking at 256.

What probably won’t matter but I’ll toss in for free advice:

Use a 5 GHz channel connection as 2.4 GHz is noisy and crowded. (I have 
used an RPi3 as a Frontend but only connected via Ethernet as the 2.4 
GHz WiFi had poor results.)

Power supply. This includes the wall wart itself and the cable between. 
You should be seeing the low voltage indicator at the upper right-hand 
corner but I had an issue a while back on a different Pi4 which was 
resolved by swapping a Pi-approved wall wart (5.1v @ 3,000 mA) for a 
Pi-branded wall wart (5.1v @ 3.0A) and the problems went away. (Maybe it 
thought three amps was more than three thousand milliamps. <joke>)

And not sure on this one but have heard some of the microSD cards are 
slow, so using an upper-tier name-brand card over a two-for-a-dollar 
off-brand may help. Also use Class 10’s. As for capacity, I have been 
using 16- and 32 GB units. (Storage to USB or NAS.) Tom’s Hardware had a 
test article (I neglected to keep the link in my notes) which for my 
preferences rated the SanDisk Extreme Pro as “all-around great 
performance”, the Kingston Canvas React as “mediocre 4K read/writes” and 
the Samsung Evo Plus as “good price” and “fast application open and boot 
time”. (So what did I do at the time? Re-ordered more SanDisk Ultra Plus.)


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