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[I work for Schedules Direct]

>> Metadata is dreadful in Oz (WA), it has all been bastardised and 1/2 of it chopped off 
>> Mythtv for us still does what it has always done and does it well.
>My bitch about metadata may be related. I too am in WA. Who is screwing up the data? Methought the meta data was global, but I’m certainly struggling

Schedules Direct has data for Australia, and personally I think our metadata is pretty good.

People brought up the example of "The Graduate". Here's what our data for The Graduate looks like. Down in the ratings area, it looks like Australia has coded it as "M" for "Adult Themes"

	"programID": "MV000072350000",
	"titles": [{
		"title120": "The Graduate",
		"titleLanguage": "en"
	"descriptions": {
		"description1000": [{
			"descriptionLanguage": "en",
			"description": "Benjamin Braddock (Dustin Hoffman) has just finished college and, back at his parents' house, he's trying to avoid the one question everyone keeps asking: What does he want to do with his life? An unexpected diversion crops up when he is seduced by Mrs. Robinson (Anne Bancroft), a bored housewife and friend of his parents. But what begins as a fun tryst turns complicated when Benjamin falls for the one woman Mrs. Robinson demanded he stay away from, her daughter, Elaine (Katharine Ross)."
		"description100": [{
			"descriptionLanguage": "en",
			"description": "Based on the novel by Charles Webb."
	"showType": "Feature Film",
	"entityType": "Movie",
	"genres": ["Comedy drama"],
	"cast": [{
		"billingOrder": "01",
		"role": "Actor",
		"nameId": "18072",
		"personId": "18072",
		"name": "Dustin Hoffman",
		"characterName": "Benjamin Braddock"
	}, {
		"billingOrder": "02",
		"role": "Actor",
		"nameId": "93",
		"personId": "93",
		"name": "Anne Bancroft",
		"characterName": "Mrs. Robinson"
	}, {
		"billingOrder": "03",
		"role": "Actor",
		"nameId": "35923",
		"personId": "35923",
		"name": "Katharine Ross",
		"characterName": "Elaine Robinson"

		"billingOrder": "12",
		"role": "Actor",
		"nameId": "121360",
		"personId": "121360",
		"name": "Marion Lorne",
		"characterName": "Miss De Witt"
	"crew": [{
		"billingOrder": "01",
		"role": "Director",
		"nameId": "46447",
		"personId": "46447",
		"name": "Mike Nichols"
	}, {
		"billingOrder": "02",
		"role": "Writer (Novel)",
		"nameId": "479561",
		"personId": "470686",
		"name": "Charles Webb"


		"billingOrder": "20",
		"role": "Sound",
		"nameId": "489330",
		"personId": "480455",
		"name": "Jack Solomon"
	"contentAdvisory": ["Adult Language", "Adult Situations"],
	"contentRating": [{
		"body": "Motion Picture Association",
		"code": "PG",
		"country": "USA"
	}, {
		"body": "British Board of Film Classification",
		"code": "15",
		"country": "GBR"


		"body": "Australian Classification Board",
		"code": "M",
		"country": "AUS",
		"contentWarning": ["Adult Themes"]
		"body": "Instituto de Cinematograf\u00eda y de las Artes Visuales",
		"code": "16",
		"country": "ARG"
	"movie": {
		"qualityRating": [{
			"ratingsBody": "Gracenote",
			"rating": "4",
			"minRating": "1",
			"maxRating": "4",
			"increment": ".5"
		"year": "1967",
		"duration": 6300
	"keyWords": {
		"Subject": ["May-December romance", "Aimless youth", "Post-college", "New love"],
		"Time Period": ["1960s"],
		"Theme": ["Temptation", "Growing up", "Love"],
		"General": ["Teen", "Weddings", "Long-distance running"],
		"Character": ["College graduate", "Lawyer", "Sexy woman", "College student"],
		"Setting": ["Hotel", "California", "Campus", "Family home", "Wedding"],
		"Mood": ["Witty", "Amusing", "Sad"]
	"officialURL": "http:\/\/www.rialtopictures.com\/catalogue\/the-graduate",
	"hasImageArtwork": true,
	"hasMovieArtwork": true,
	"MD5": "860ccbad8e4f91af416568b14b6d388d",
	"md5": "hgzLrY5Pka9BZWixS204jQ"

And the artwork is tied to the programID, so there's no guessing:


We have 7-day trials if you want to try the data before subscribing.

I don't know if anyone has extended the mythmetadatalookup to use Schedules Direct as a data source for Schedules Direct subscribers though.

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