[mythtv-users] The future of MythTV

Ben bkamen at benjammin.net
Sat Jun 5 15:01:15 UTC 2021

On 6/5/21 12:12 AM, BP wrote:
> Where Mythtv still shines is in recording.  I've played with some of the options from Plex and Silicon Dust.  They can't touch the scheduler of Myth.  Well, at least for those that don't mind using Power Search and a little bit of sql.  So long as cable card tuners are still supported by the cable companies (I'm guessing it will be killed off in the next five years) or that OTA is enough, Myth's backend is hard to beat.

Plex was awful for storage handling.

When I played with it -

* it didn't handle re-recording glitched shows.
* Had less comprehensive recording options.
* I had to specify a storage path for each recording item rather than Myth's superior pre-config of a pool of storage.
(maybe I don't want a RAID0 or RAID5|6? Maybe I just want to slap another drive into a system and add it to the pool? But having to configure it for every added schedule item was annoying.)

Yea... Plex's recording was way inferior to MythTVs.

And I'm with you on the privacy thing...

AND -- except for schedules (but not really if getting OTA schedule programming as a backup), the internet could disappear tomorrow, and if I'm home I don't notice a thing.

While I don't mind using some cloud services when needing a relay, I prefer when the network at home keeps functioning as much as possible when the Internet connection is down.

My friend just went through this last weekend where he accidentally cut his ISP feed to his house that was only bured about 1-2 inches below his grass. His internet was out for like 2-3 days. He streams everything. He said it was very interesting what things continued to work and what didn't -- and what things were SUPPOSED to keep working, but didn't. Oops!


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