[mythtv-users] The future of MythTV

stinga stinga+mythtv at wolf-rock.com
Sat Jun 5 07:24:38 UTC 2021

On 04/06/2021 21:17, Paul Harrison wrote:
> We can see from the number of Scheduled Direct users and the Smolt 
> data that MythTV is losing users at an ever increasing rate.  We think 
> one reason for this is it's getting harder and harder to record stuff 
> because more services are becoming encrypted requiring proprietary 
> boxes to view and record content and some services are moving to an 
> on-demand type of service that are hard or impossible to record.
> So the question is what improvements would you like to see in MythTV 
> in the future that would persuade you to continue to use it? Would you 
> like to see better support for YouTube for example or a better video 
> media library. Better music player? Support for IPTV services? What 
> plugins do you use?  What plugins would you like to see? Are you happy 
> with the user interface or would you like to see a more modern one?
> Give us your thoughts on what direction you would like to see MythTV 
> take now it's original purpose is slowing being killed of.

I use bog standard install with no other frontends, it just works.
Debian buster install and flicr with any old remote that works.

Used it the UK and no in Oz.

Metadata is dreadful in Oz (WA), it has all been bastardised and 1/2 of 
it chopped off

Mythtv for us still does what it has always done and does it well.


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