[mythtv-users] The future of MythTV

Dan Wilga mythtv-users at dwilga.info
Fri Jun 4 13:56:34 UTC 2021

I think there are two issues:

1. The on-demand trend, as Paul noted. We've started watching more and 
more content from sources not recordable by Myth: YouTube, NetFlix, 
Peacock, Disney Plus+, Amazon Prime Video. I'd love to have a way to 
meta-search across all of these for something, since figuring out who 
has what is really difficult right now. But, obviously, it doesn't make 
sense for Myth to do this sort of searching if it can't actually play 
the content. That, I fear, would be really hard to do.  Despite all the 
instructions I've found for getting Widevine DRM set up with Chrome and 
FireFox under Linux, I can't even get that to work.

2. Fragmentation of device use. These days, everyone in my family has 
their own device (laptop, Chromebook, tablet, phone) and we often watch 
content alone on those devices, rather than gathering around a single 
TV. If there was a single media hub to rule them all, it would have to 
work well on all devices.

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