[mythtv-users] Metadata Lookup - updating problems

Barry Martin barry3martin at gmail.com
Sun Feb 28 15:30:42 UTC 2021

Hi Hika!
> Barry, if you read properly you either install the complete 31
> bindings under python3 or you update the existing bindings under
> python2. Not both!
> And next you update the grabberfiles themselves.
> Also look at the indentations!

Thanks for the reply. One of the things I noted was your “look at the 
indentations” – what indentations?? I had done a copy-and-paste from the 
webpage to a LibreOffice document – not sure if the indents didn’t 
import properly or just hard to see with the font I use. Very clear on 
the webpage and so printed that to work from.

Also didn’t understand the either version 31 or update those (so my 30) 
under Python2.

Will update with hopefully good news later.

Thanks again!


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