[mythtv-users] Database damage?

Craig Treleaven ctreleaven at cogeco.ca
Sat Feb 13 16:16:33 UTC 2021

> On Feb 13, 2021, at 10:04 AM, Yeechang Lee <ylee at columbia.edu> wrote:
> Craig Treleaven says:
>> The other issue is that I had nearly 700 recordings that were
>> orphaned.  The find_orphans.py script would not get rid of them.
> The script is supposed to handle both zero-byte files unassociated with a database entry, and orphaned database entries without a corresponding file. I think what you saw is a different symptom of the general inability of the script to gracefully handle many files.
>> So with the output from find_orphans.py and a little massaging with
>> awk, xargs and touch, I created zero byte ‘recordings’ for the
>> nearly 700 remaining problems.  That’s too many.  When I ask
>> find_orphans.py to delete them, the script crashes.  It also crashed
>> mythbackend a couple of times.
> <https://lists.archive.carbon60.com/mythtv/users/616731#616731> may be helpful.

That sounds like a possibility.  Of course, OS X doesn’t do things quite the same way.  I did, however, find a blog post talking about temporarily or permanently changing the permissible number of open file descriptors:


On my backend, it shows a soft limit per process of 256 fd's.  

MediumMini:~ mytthtv$ launchctl limit maxfiles
	maxfiles    256            unlimited      

I’m not clear, however, if I use the launchctl command to temporarily increase the limit, does it mean that I would need to kill and restart the backend to have it take effect?  I’m a bit timid to try random advice from the internet, as well.  


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