[mythtv-users] Slow Videos browsing

Tim Draper veehexx at zoho.com
Wed Feb 3 13:56:42 UTC 2021

---- On Wed, 03 Feb 2021 11:54:13 +0000 Tim Draper <veehexx at zoho.com> wrote ----

 > I've recently started to make more use of the Videos area in Mythtv. Now i'm filling up content converting my DVD library into files (.m4v), it's getting noticeably slower to enter the first layer of folders; i've 3 dir's defined in the Videos SG.
 > Actually entering the 'Videos' menu in the FE is immediate and correctly shows these 3 SG dir's.
 > However selecting one of these 3 dir's to show the next level of content is where i see a delay.
 > One of these 3 folders is the DVD m4v content which is the largest at 577GB. It's taking approximately 10-15 seconds to enter this dir from an FE.
 > Is this normal behavior, and is there anything i can do to improve things?
 > setup is:
 > BE: all media media content for mythtv are on SSD (btrfs partition) and SQL is also on SSD (xfs), myth v31, 1 gig wired
 > FE: 2019 NV Shield Pro myth-light apk, 1gig wired

first, i've just updated my BE to latest git fixes/31. seems to have fixed the BE crashing on metadata lookup even though obvious commit since 7Jan'21 related to it.
anyway, more info found... seems to be a boxset type issue.  DVD Films are ok but longer running tv series appear to have the issue.
currently i've split one boxset out of my main folder structure to test; Two and a half men; 12 seasons.

physical file path is:
.../Videos/TV/T-Z/Two and a Half Men S01/episode_files.m4v
.../Videos/TV/T-Z/Two and a Half Men S02/episode_files.m4v
etc etc.

for Films, 176 files, 249GB.
for T-Z folder: 238 files, 170GB, 12 Seasons; avg 19.8 episodes per season.
Mythtv will be slow going into the T-Z folder but not into Films folder.
I've done similar with other boxsets (contained them within an additional folder) just to isolate them more for testing; those too exhibit the same issue.

if i move S01 up one level, rescan, and browse to it, performance is good at that level. ie:file at  .../Videos/TV/Two and a Half Men S01/episode_files.m4v, and i enter the TV Videos listing.

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