[mythtv-users] Help with playback issue on recordings from a single channel

Hika van den Hoven hikavdh at gmail.com
Thu Dec 30 00:42:09 UTC 2021

Hoi Vincent,

Thursday, December 30, 2021, 12:52:23 AM, you wrote:

> I really don't think my hardware has issues as in it's faulty.   I
> think my hardware AMD A10-5800K APU 3.8Ghz 4 Core Processor with
> integrated Trinity Radeon HD 7660D graphics is sensitive to
> something unique about the bad channel's recordings / broadcast encoding.

> Doesn't common sense say if it were faulty hardware, most or all of
> my recordings would have an issue not just 1 channel out of more
> than 50 different channels I watch.

> Doesn't common sense say that if it was all working perfectly on
> all channels for nearly 3 years until the day the station engineer
> made some encoding changes, the change exposed some
> hardware/software bug only impacted by my particular hardware.

> That said, I will do more tests to rule out those faults
> eventually.  Things like trying the ffmeg on a different channel's
> recording (I predict it will be fine).   Things like monitoring the
> CPU temp while the ffmpeg is running on the bad channel (I predict the temp will be fine).

> So far nobody has responded who is using an AMD processor for both compute and graphics.

You shouldn't dismiss anything beforehand without testing. The fact is
that nobody really has been able to reproduce your issues. It is
possible this video is exposing a bug in your video hardware/software,
and the ffmpeg result points to hardware issues, thermal or memory.
Any problem will have a first time to surface.

Also it is possible a not directly related change can create a
problem somewhere else. I last week solved a years old annoying but
not directly problematic issue with suspending and waking my main
machine because I bought a new switch. This made the issue escalate to
the machine crashing/rebooting on occasion. This pointed me in a
direction I had never before thought to look. On taking my nic offline
before suspending, the old and the new issue disappeared. (a realtec
nic like most build-ins, not the best or most stable ones)

Very few people will use amd/radeon graphics under Linux it is/was
mostly popular under Windows users. I have such a board but if I would
use it for more then server functions I would add-on an nVidia card.
When I once experimented with their proprietary driver it was
difficult to impossible to setup in a different way then they thought
you should do it. Horrible and with a mind of its own.

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