[mythtv-users] ATSC tuner advice wanted

Rod Smith mythtv at rodsbooks.com
Tue Aug 24 03:01:46 UTC 2021

On 8/21/21 1:52 PM, Douglas Peale wrote:
> On 8/21/21 8:00 AM, Rod Smith wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Long story short: Because of recent changes made by Cox, I'm planning to
>> cut my cable TV service and switch to a combination of streaming and OTA
>> recording. For the latter, I need an ATSC recording solution, but I'm
>> afraid I'm having difficulty navigating the sea of options, given
>> outdated Web pages, contradictory online information, confusing model
>> references, etc.
> I'm running the HDHR5-4K. MythTV does not fully support ATSC 3.0 yet,
> but the tuner works fine on MythTV for ATSC 2.0 channels.
> I have been using HDHR tuners since the first HDHR tuner came out. I am
> currently running 3 HDHR4-US tuners and one HDHR5-4K tuner. They work
> well with MythTV.

Thanks to everybody for their advice. FWIW, I decided to buy an
HDHomerun Flex 4K. It was supposed to arrive tomorrow, but it came
today, so I hooked it up. I got MythTV talking to it, and it seems to be
working well. I'm pulling in one or two fewer transports than my TV can
get. That may be because of weather issues, since it's raining right
now; or it could be the TV has a better tuner, as others have suggested
in this thread. I'm located about equidistant between the major Boston
and Providence stations, and I'm getting at least one of each of the
major networks, although the only PBS stations I've been able to get are
SD. (I'm getting 2_2 and 2_3 out of Boston, but not 2_1. I had the same
issue with my TV.) My Roku has a PBS app, so if I can't get an HD PBS,
I'll be able to use the Roku for PBS content I want to watch in HD.

I still need to fully configure the guide data. I've been using
SchedulesDirect, but for the moment I've set MythTV to use EIT data from
the HDHomerun Flex, which seems to be working, but is of course limited.

Rod Smith
rodsmith at rodsbooks.com

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