[mythtv-users] Can't connect to remote backend database (again)

Phill Edwards philledwards at gmail.com
Sun Aug 15 05:19:08 UTC 2021

> >     Earlier this year I had similar mysterious and persistent atte mpts
> to
> >     connect to the wrong backend.  I was running master.
> >
> >     Somehow the UPnP section of ~/.mythtv/config.xml had acquired nested
> >     Mythfrontend, DefaultBackend, USN entries.  Resetting the host
> address
> >     worked again after those lines had been commented out. ( <!--   --> )

I've been trying everything to get mythfrontend Android app to connect
from  a Chromecast with Google TV but still no luck. So yesterday I factory
reset the Android TV and re-installed all the apps. Still no luck and
there's some weird stuff:

   1. After doing a factory reset and re-installing mythfrontend, the
   settings displayed a username and password without me putting them in yet.
   How can that possibly happen if this is the first run after a factory
   reset? There should be no historic settings, like a password, to be picked

   2. I can telnet mbe4 3306 from an SSH app on Android TV and it seems
   that a connection attempt is made. I also enabled MySQL general-log=1 so
   I could see what happens when a connection attempt is made from
   mythfrontend on Android TV, but nothing appears in the
   /var/lib/mysql/MBE4.log for it so that's weird.

   3. I created a new mythtv account (creatively named mythtv2) and granted
   privileges to it but this can't connect either.

   4. When the app is trying to connect it says "Waiting for database to
   start". Is that normal given that this is an Android app so the database is
   on a remote backend? Is it just a poorly worded message, or is it actually
   looking for a database on the Android TV device (where it won't find one)?

So the way I read the situation is that connectivity appears to be OK but
it can't connect to the remote database. For some reason. Best known to
itself. I wonder if I've stuffed something up in the area of database users
and grants. Here's my user accounts from MySQL showing 2 accounts for which is my Android TV device:
| host          | user             | authentication_string
| %             | mythtv           |
*E9333A4FFE29CF0081729D3EB885F8EABCD47CBA                              |
| 192.168.0.%   | mythtv           |
$A$005$Oj"_1AmjRHKwT#:qZeMYiDQ5wgXeZoLjQ4.fC2CcLwjBaj8jmz.lAYlpI8. |
| | mythtv           | $A$005$
R7DD?CM27zLrb!NK/KA7CtGy4tPU3ED7HrPYKuxpxUQroYfApmeksZfwh9 |
| | mythtv2          |
$A$005$+_B0pk(9x+rre!*XHmcl/uazRoEn/rbsd6cAodYWCTK40TzRtuRwd9xdm9A |
| localhost     | debian-sys-maint | $A$005$T
                                             +  P\      2{(+p`*I

7GEo9iwbghOjnQvXKm2gZ0VUY/nhHCi38.1baiu6po4 |
| localhost     | mysql.infoschema |
| localhost     | mysql.session    |
| localhost     | mysql.sys        |
| localhost     | root             |
*58D540776DD45547773EC3D627954E383D1A9ABA                              |

I'm out of ideas for how to make this work. I've been a mythtv user
since 2004 but this has me totally stumped. Any ideas would be very, very
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