[mythtv-users] Problems with Screenshots (RePost)

Roland Ernst rcrernst at gmail.com
Tue Sep 22 17:13:56 UTC 2020

On Sat, Aug 29, 2020 at 11:19 AM Werner Mahr <werner at vollstreckernet.de>

> The Problem is with sceenshots that are just not displayed.
Do you mean in mythfrontend, mythweb or the webfrontend ?

> In my case I have a german version of Once Upon a Time… Man (1) which just
> shows me the cover on each episode instead of the screenshot.
> I tried to delete metadata (including the banner, cover and screenshot
> files)
> and let it be fetched again, everythig is downloaded but it doesn't change
> what is shown. Rights are all correct, the database points to the right
> file,
> and I just didn't managed to find anything related in debug output.
On the wiki, the main page

> has a troubleshooting section, especially the file name convention for
Did you follow this?
The title "Once upon a time", or "Es war einmal" (in german) has multiple
so you need to be very careful on the video file names itself.

I started using myth around 0.26 maybe 0.25. The oldest files that don't
> work
> (and never did) are from mid 2012
If you do in the mythtv-frontend a
I -> Change Video Details -> Retrieve Video Details
on a video in question,you get a lot of log entries in the frontend logs,
if "general, info" is enabled for logging.
You can run the listed grabber commands shown in the log for tmdb3 and
in a terminal and examine the xml output for correctness. Please escape the
and subtitle or put them simply under quotation marks.

I just tried to rename the screenshot file to the name of another series,
> and
> there it was displayed, so the file itself is OK, renaming the file from
> that
> other series, still doesn't show anything.
> The window
I -> Change Video Details -> Edit Details
shows a lot of information:
Please review every value there.
Does the inetref value start with "tmdb3_" or "ttvdb_" ?
Is the number correct?

This window let you change the screenshot file as well.
Just move to the checkbox of that file, click on it or press select (space
or enter)
then choose a different one in the popped up window.

Finally, please consider the fact, that the screenshot files are no longer
available at
the tmdb web site. The screenshot, banner and other files should be listed
in the xml
file you get when running the grabber manually.
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