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Daryl McDonald darylangela at gmail.com
Thu Sep 17 21:56:20 UTC 2020

On Thu, Sep 17, 2020 at 4:53 PM Swanseasurfing <swanseasurfing at gmail.com>

>>> Yes, Jens this sounds very interesting to me, I would very much
>> appreciate your script, thank you.
>> Hi Daryl,
> I fiddled out the scripts, translated them and created a minimum
> documentation. Have a look here:
> https://github.com/jims-code/MythTV-Helpers
> Before you use one of the scripts you should follow these steps:
> - edit script and change parameters to your own needs (e.g. logfile name)
> - ensure that the logfile specified in the parameters exists and that the
> user mythtv has write permissions
> - ensure that programs used in the scripts are installed (e.g. wakeonlan,
> feh)
> - make script executable (chmod)
> Let me know if you got the hint that you needed to get rid of your MythTV
> problem.
> Have fun
>   Jens
Thanks Jens, yes I got the hint, and normally I have no problem,
occasionally,  during rerun season, when I use Kodi more, a recording drive
will unmount, which defies the logic of everyone consulted to date.?!
I have the ACPI working well now, so I'm toying with the idea of having the
"checklogin.sh" call your script, that is if my programming son can find
some time to look it over.

Mythtv Rocks! Thanks to all the devs and everyone on this list!   Daryl
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