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DryHeat122 dryheat122 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 13 03:05:05 UTC 2020

I thought I had a thread about this already.  Maybe it was buried in some
other thread. If so I apologize that I can't find it.  I am having two
problems after a recent rebuild/upgrade with ubuntu 18.04/myth31, and I
don't know if they are related.

One is that the screen is going black at random times.  So far this has not
happened while I was actually watching a recording, but after the frontend
has been idle for some time.  Just now it did happen immediately after
reboot and before frontend start, so it's not being caused by the frontend.
When this happens there is no reviving it.  From the frontend machine
ctl-alt-f2 does nothing.  I tried SSHing from another machine and
restarting Gnome.  No help.  Reboot is the only option. It's not that the
video output is completely going away altogether bc my monitor tells me
know if there's no signal.  Its just a black screen. This has been
happening since I rebuilt the system but frequency has been increasing. I
assume it's a problem with x-10 or the video drivers.

Today a new problem cropped up.  From the program guide I started ESPN HD
from the "watch this channel" menu item to watch Lakers v Rockets.  HDPVR2
started fine but the picture was shrunk to about half the size of the
monitor. Esc and try again, same result.  Rebooted, and same result.  I
noticed when it was starting from the program guide it showed the ESPN HD
icon, but another tv icon with SD below it.  So  somebody thinks they're
getting a SD signal. You can get HD video off component video outputs of
the HDPVR2, right?  Here's the kicker.  After watching the game on another
system, I went back and tried ESPN again on the Myth box as above. Now I
still get the TV/SD idon on startup but the picture is full screen. WTF?!?
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