[mythtv-users] Metro Detroit Comcast

Jeremy D. Eiden theonlyrealperson at gmail.com
Sun Sep 13 02:20:15 UTC 2020

On 9/12/20 4:27 PM, Peter Bennett wrote:
> On 9/11/20 6:34 PM, faginbagin wrote:
>> Anyone here have experience with Comcast in the Metro Detroit area. 
>> Can you record basic cable, like TCM, and broadcast HD channels with 
>> a cable card? How much can you expect to pay after whatever 
>> introductory offer expires? Other thoughts? We've been using Wowway 
>> (Wide Open West) because they don't encrypt basic cable or broadcast 
>> HD channels, but phone, internet and basic cable now cost over 
>> $160/month with the only equipment rental being their cable modem 
>> with phone service.
> I am not in Detroit, but I do have Comcast, in Massachusetts. To use 
> cable card you will need either a ceton or a silicon dust hdhomerun 
> prime. Unfortunately neither of these is being manufactured any more, 
> but you may be able to find a used one. I am paying $121 per month for 
> Internet 100 mbps download, plus broadcast and "TV: Entertainment" 
> package, which is a selection of entertainment based channels. I save 
> $5 per month for having "Customer Owned Equipment", and $9.95 per 
> month "HD Technology Fee". It would be $15 per month more with Comcast 
> equipment, one converter box.
> With cable card and the ceton I get all the channels I pay for. 
> However random channels sometimes get set by Comcast incorrectly so 
> that they do not work (set to no-record or record-once). One of the 
> cspan channels is set like that. (Rather ridiculous since I would 
> think the cspan channels have little or no copyrighted content). 
> Getting that resolved by Comcast for the Family Channel took me three 
> months of phone calls back and forth with Comcast. By the time it was 
> sorted out, the show I wanted to see was long gone.
> For phone you pay extra, I use vonage which is cheaper than Comcast's 
> version.
> Peter
I also have Comcast in MN.  I run a Silicon Dust hdhomerun prime, but I 
also have a Hauppauge WinTV-DCR-2650 Dual tuner cablecard receiver.  
It's a usb device that sets itself up as a "network" device, and I've 
had good luck with it in MythTV.  It's a very similar setup to the 
hdhomerun prime.

There is still a few on Amazon I found, but I don't know if Hauppauge is 
still making them.


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