[mythtv-users] Streaming from mythbackend - how to troubleshoot stuttering via "Mythtv App" on TVos and VLC on Windows

Andrew Codrington andrew.codrington at fidenti.ca
Tue Sep 1 23:48:17 UTC 2020

Hi there,

Playback stutters when I view HDHR recordings through the 3rd party "MythTV
App" on my AppleTV (same on ATV4 and ATV4K) and also when I click ASX links
in Mythbackend to play them through VLC on Windows. The "MythTV App"
developer told me he is also using libVLC.

If I've understood correctly these are HLS streams from mythbackend.

It used to work consistently. I'm not confident but I believe stuttering
started after I upgraded to .31.

I've done quick scans in mythbackend.log and mythtranscode.log and don't
see anything obviously unhappy. I've also tried setting a few "-v" logging
options in mythbackend with no better luck.

Can anyone give me some troubleshooting guidance?


PS: I first tried posting this in the forum but as a newly registered user
there I'm in a moderation queue. Sorry if this ends up being a cross-post.
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