[mythtv-users] recordings disappeared from media_library/watch_recordings?

Stephen Worthington stephen_agent at jsw.gen.nz
Sat Nov 28 15:21:36 UTC 2020

On Sun, 29 Nov 2020 00:15:26 +1100, you wrote:

>Hi all
>I'm running fixes/31 on ubuntu 20.04, combined fe/be.
>Things have been going great until today when I upgraded to
>A lot of recordings that had been around a while suddenly disappeared
>from the frontend list (media library -> watch recordings).
>I went to the autoexpire list and disabled autoexpire for a bunch of
>them but a good number of those I disabled autoexpir for did not
>reappear in the list of available recordings.
>Strangely, mythweb shows that the recordings are there: I can download
>a .ts file for one of the shows that does not appear in the watch
>I exited the frontend and started it again, which made no difference.
>I ran mysqlcheck -c -A and everything was reported as ok.
>find_orphans.py doesn't show the recordings I'm after, only a
>handful of zero-byte files.
>Checked the changelog for the package...wasn't much help.
>Has anyone else seen this kind of thing, or can anyone suggest how
>to get those programs listed again?

You may have accidentally changed the Group Filter setting.  My mother
does that all the time by pushing the wrong button on the remote (>>
or <<).  To fix it, go to the left hand column (on MythCenter-wide)
where the recording names rather than all the episodes are listed,
then do M(enu) > Change Group Filter > All Programmes.  In
MythCentre-wide, you can see the Group Filter settings at the top of
the right hand column, with the current setting highlighted in
brighter green.  Pressing the remote >> or << buttons will cycle
through those settings.  The Group Filters are based on the
recorded.recgroup values in the database.  I think there are only
three Group Filters in the default setup:  All, Default and
Favourites.  All is everything (it matches any recorded.recgroup
value).  Default is everything that was recorded in recgroup Default.
Favourites is everything recorded in recgroup Favourites.  There is
another special Group Filter option "Deleted" that shows up (from the
menu only) when you have deleted a recording but it has not yet
actually been deleted by mythbackend.  If you select that, you can
select a deleted recording and undelete it, or tell mythbackend to
really delete it immediately.

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