[mythtv-users] recordings disappeared from media_library/watch_recordings?

Vincent McIntyre lists at arewethere.net
Mon Nov 30 10:45:23 UTC 2020

On Sun, Nov 29, 2020 at 04:21:36AM +1300, Stephen Worthington wrote:
> You may have accidentally changed the Group Filter setting.

Bullseye! Thanks to you & JohnP.

We have a few couple of groups set up and when I checked
the filter was set to 'default' instead of what it usually is,
'all programs'. Setting it back to 'all programs' restored things.
No idea how it got set to 'default'. Old age, no doubt..

> There is another special Group Filter option "Deleted" that shows up
> (from the > menu only) when you have deleted a recording but it has
> not yet actually been deleted by mythbackend.  If you select that,
> you can select a deleted recording and undelete it, or tell
> mythbackend to  really delete it immediately.

this is helpful too, while I clean up things we've watched and do
actually want to expire.

Thanks again

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